August 2017

Dear Residents and Taxpayers of Grand Lake Stream Plantation,

The Board of Assessors   would like to be able to communicate with all of you more often. We now have a way to do so by our new  web site—  We also have our e-mail:  If you have any ideas that you would like to see on the site please let us know. Please visit it soon!

The Department of Environmental  Protection has recently visited our Transfer Station and notified us that we do not have a permit for our ” dump” site and our  “burn” pile.  Back when all dumps in Maine had to close, there was to be a permit obtained.  The Assessors, at that time, were of the understanding that we could be a collection site  and not a transfer station and a collection site did not require a permit.   Grand Lake Streams’ Main transfer station, so the town  assessors thought, was in Woodland (Baileyville). There is a committee working on this as we write. Until further notice,  the transfer station will be open on Wed. and Sat. from Mid April to Mid October and then on Saturdays  only from 7- 3.  If anything  new  comes  of our meetings , we will let you know.   There will be signage as to what is allowed on the burn pile-mainly brush. The station is to be locked when an attendant is not present. They also stated that no more tree stumps are to be accepted.

The Women to Women  group is going to do another Telephone Directory.  If you are interested in having your name, address, email address , and telephone number in this new directory please contact Nancy Sprague . Her phone number is 796-5364. Leave a message if she is not able to answer .   If nothing has changed since the last Directory, no need to call her . It will automatically go in.

We have been working closely with LUPC (Land Use Protection Commission) formerly known as LURC.   Please before you do anything to your property or building, call them to see if you need a permit. They would rather be inundated   with phone calls rather than have to tell someone to remove what they have done or be fined.  The person to contact is Matt Levesque  or  or  941- 4594.

If there are any of you who do not use or have a computer, please let us know and we will try to have a means to keep you all up to date on issues that the town is dealing with.

The following is a short scenario of how the New Land in Grand Lake Stream Plantation was obtained and how the $650,000 was acquired . Lindsay Wheaton as Secretary of the committee wrote the following scenario: SEE NEW LAND COMMITTEE PAGE.

We have now selected a committee that will be working on three areas.  1. What the town would like to see built or obtained to enhance the community.    2. What the townspeople would like to see developed  in the Light Industrial area.  3. What the townspeople would like to see developed in the Water Street  area  designated as Affordable Housing-Not low income housing.     The committee will  bring all of this back to an  Open Meeting  for everyone to hear. We have hired a planner and he meets with us monthly.  We hope to have this Open meeting  on August 7th at 6p.m.  Remember before anything is done , the plantation has to vote on it.

Taxpayers  are encouraged to participate by giving the committee  your  input  and  ideas.   Committee members were chosen so that all areas of the plantation have  someone  representing them. (Tough End, Shaw St., Canal St, Church St., Milford Rd.,Township 27, Township 6  and a representative  from part-time residents.)  Any questions about this, please come to see us any Tuesday night at the town office –from  5-7-or call one of the assessors.  We look forward to seeing you. Come on the 7th and meet  your representative!


Elaine Brown 796-5269

Bonnie Gagner 796-2512

Lindsay Wheaton 796-5584