Town Meetings

Town Meetings are held annually: a Town Budget and Previous Year Report Meeting at the beginning of the year when most of the articles that comprise  Grand Lake Stream’s budget and governance for the year are voted on, and a School Budget Meeting in June.  Special Town Meetings are held when unforeseen expenses arise or actions need to be taken.

Below you will find electronic versions of past Town Reports and Meetings.  If you would like further information regarding Meetings not listed, please visit at the Town Office.

**Grand Lake Stream Plantation operates on a calendar year (January-December).**

School Budget and Town Meeting 2020 — July

Town Report/Meeting 2020 — March

Town Report 2019 — March

Town Report 2018 — March

Town Meeting 2017 — June

Town Report 2017 — April

Town Report 2016 — March

Town Report 2015 — April

Town Report 2014 — April