To obtain a marriage license from Grand Lake Stream, you must first fill out an “Intentions to Marry” form.  If both parties are out-of-state residents, then they may file their intentions with any Maine municipality.  If one or both parties are residents of Maine, then they must apply in the municipality that at least one of them resides in.

You can download the intentions form below and fill it out prior to coming to the office.  *DO NOT SIGN THE FORM*  This form must be signed in the presence of the Clerk.



To obtain a marriage license, you must first fill out the Marriage Intentions form (below).  Both parties must appear in person before the Clerk with photo IDs.  If this is not a first marriage for one or both parties, a certified copy of the divorce form or death certificate of the previous spouse are required.  If one or both parties are under 18 years old, then a parental/guardian consent form is required (below).


Persons Authorized to Solemnize Marriages in Maine

The following are persons legally allowed to perform a marriage in Maine:

  • Ordained ministers of the gospel
  • Persons licensed to preach by an association of ministers, religious seminary, or ecclesiastical body
  • Judges or justices (Maine residents only)
  • Maine lawyers (Maine residents only)
  • Maine Notary Publics (search here)


Certified Copies of Marriage Certificates

Obtain certified copies of marriage certificates in the municipality where the license was issued or from the Office of Vital Records.



Marriage Intentions

Parental_Guardian Consent

Planning a Marriage in Maine